Arrival of the Sisters of Charity

Soon after his appointment, Mr. Antonio Lliteras Ginard, is regent of the vicarage of Coll d'en Rabassa (February 1898 to November 1904), came the Sisters of Charity, Sr. approval. Vicar Capitular D. Peter J. Campins. The request for the foundation of the convent was Bartholomew D. Castillo, who gave it as the benefactor singularíssim half of the site and help lift the current convent.

On the afternoon of March 19, 1989, accompanied by Father and Mother Visitor visitor, moved to the village of Es Coll d'en Rabassa, along with another sister. The three nuns that first elected to form community were: Sister Mary Rose Michael, Sister Stanislaus Stephen (named above) and Sister Victorian Albert.

They were received at the entrance of the town, Mr. Macia Company, canon, some priests of the cathedral, Monsignor Antonio Lliteras, authorities Association of the Daughters of Mary and numerous people. Preceded by a band, came to the temple, while the bell ringing holiday together with all the solemn "Te Deum" in thanksgiving. He made a speech Mr. D. Macia Company. From there they were accompanied to the convent and Mr.. Castillo handed the key of the house Mr. Mayor and that the visitor, who opened the doors and took possession of the house in the company of siblings.

Neighborhoods vastly joy, because those good Sisters would devote himself to the service of teaching and education of young women, services that, at the time, were neglected. (1)

image College
Group of girls with Sister Stanislaus Professor Stephen Founder and Superior of the convent. In 1910.

Initially working as kindergarten through shortly afterwards in teaching nursery and large wrists. We can say, IDO, the educational work started this year and as needs arose, he was building new classrooms.

On 29 September 1949 being authorized definitely to teach primary school until July 1971 submitted to the MEC file processing center, according to the new Law on Elementary Education.

Colegio San Vicente de Paul, has gone through various stages and authorizations to the current listing and Primary Education Center, the official registration number 07002646.