a) Academic Director.

Director: Tomas GARAU FEBRUARY


a) Direct and coordinate the educational activities of the stage.
b) To exercise control teachers in educational issues.
c) convene and preside academic events, meetings between the School Board and
section of the faculty concerned.
d) approve the certificates and academic documents.
e) execute the agreements between the School Board and the faculty in the field of their
f) To propose to the Director General for appointment, the general coordinator of the stage, the
department coordinators, tutors and cycle.
g) To encourage coexistence and correct abnormalities that occur in terms
indicated in this regulation.
h) any other functions assigned by the owner organization of the center or his representative in the field

a) Director of Studies.

Director of Studies: Maria MAGDALENA GONZALEZ JUAN


a) Replace the educational director in his absence.
b) To preside over the meetings of the faculty stage sessions and student assessment.
3-Coordinate the participation of faculty in the development and evaluation of curriculum project
stage according to the guidelines of the management team.
4) Coordinate the activities of teachers and students included in the
Look after the Annual General Programming compliance.
5-favor living in central and correct the changes that occur in
terms mentioned in the RRI.
6-Ensuring the order and discipline of students with the collaboration of tutors and coordinator
7-Monitor attendance records of students and in cases of unjustified absenteeism.
8-Other (see RRI).



Main functions:

* Advise the Academic Director in their duties.
* Coordinate the development of various aspects of the functioning of the Centre for
the realization of its objectives, subject to the powers of
respective governing bodies.
* Prepare, monitor and evaluate the PGA.
* Prepare the issues that must be teachers of the Senate and the Council of
Educational Community

Composition: (See PGA information within families)

B) School Board

Organ through which educational community participates in the control and management
center, promoting and respecting at the same time, exercise the rights of the owner organization,
teachers, students and parents.
Courses of action:
1-Approval of the Justification of expenses the previous year.
2 Approved Budget Course.
Approval of 3-PGA (Annual General Programming)
4-Approval of the Final Report of the course.
Approval of 5-price school meals next year.
6-Approval of the extracurricular activities of the center and the price.

Composition: (See PGA information within families)

C) faculty

Main functions:
* Participate in the development of the school's educational project, the general programming
Annual and curriculum projects, as well as the evaluation of the Center Final Report
* Being informed about issues affecting the global center.
* Elect their representatives on the Community Council, as established in
55 items 54.1ci RRI.
Courses of action:
1-Planning and preparation of the PGA
2 Study of the proposals for improving end-of-year report.
3-Scheduling activities related to the overall objective.
Involvement with 4-pastoral activities.
5-Reading for Letters to Families with students.
6-Involvement in the Quality Plan established.
7-Other ...

Composition: (See PGA information within families)

D) pastoral

Main Functions:

* Propose lines of action dimension of evangelization Education Project and perform
* Plan, in accordance with the CPC and PEC appropriate, pastoral activities
educational activities.

Courses of action:

1-Preparation celebration of Saint Vincent de Paul (September 27th).
2-Preparation religious festivals and anniversaries.
3-Celebration Christmas Party.
4-Day of Peace.
5-beat Francinaina.
6 Easter-Passover.
8-Other, including the Pastoral Project